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Citizens for Planetary Health,  an arm of  the non-profit organization Civitas, promotes environmental and human health by exposing harmful practices and policies such as relying upon unscientific animal experiments to justify poisoning the environment and predicting the effects of toxins and medicines on humans.  If this concept -- now embraced by thousands of doctors and scientists around the world - is new to you, it is explained in the introduction.

(Civitas' other arm is concerned with wildlife.  Scroll down to the bottom of this page for links to wildlife issues.)

Citizens for Planetary Health published The Civil Abolitionist, a newsletter mailed to supporters around the world from December 1986  until autumn 2004 when it ran out of funds.  Selections are reproduced on this website along with articles relayed from multiple sources.

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The Civil Abolitionist  (quarterly publication)

General animal and human health Issues

Bovine spongeiform encephalopathy ("mad cow" disease)



Genetic Engineering



Vivisection / Research on animals


Professional Commentary

Comments from doctors promoting more scientific approach

Comments from doctors against vivisection

Doctors opposed to LD 50 tests

Doctors' negative comments on pharmaceuticals

Vivisection letters (pro and con)

Vegetarian Bytes

Recent articles of special  interest

BSE update and review (pigs too) by Michael Greger, MD

BSE in U.S. not recognized (yet)  by Bina Robinson

SARS another deadly virus from the meat industry May 2003

                                                           by Michael Greger, MD

UK Judicial Inquiry into Vivisection  Demo in London April 5, 2002

Leaked Documents Expose Horrors and Failures of Animal

Transplant Experiments  by Alix Fano

"The Public Health Implications of 'Mad Cow' Disease"

                                                           by Michael Greger, MD

IAMS accused of cruel animal experiments  Uncaged Campaigns Release

Critique of Cambridge primate experiment by Claude Reiss, PhD

Cystic fibrosis: scientifically invalid experimentation by SAV

The three R's dissected by Magicat

Smallpox Advisory by Sherri Tenpenny, DO

Mercury in Vaccines  expose by Valeri Williams

Drug Industry Secrets Becoming Public by Bina Robinson

From Alchemy to Science and back to Alchemy by Irwin D Bross, PhD

CRT computer destroyed following favorable court decision Sept 4 2002

Fluoride can make you sick by Paul Beeber & Paul Connett, PhD


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Wildlife Issues

Civitas is also active on wildlife issues and protecting the

environment.  Click here to transfer to wildlife issues. 

We also maintain the 600 acre Civitas Wildlife Sanctuary where animals are allowed  to establish their own population densities in balance with their habitat as opposed to being manipulated for the benefit of

humans who consider it a sport to kill them.


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