Court decision advances CRT's FOI request  September 4, 2002

CRT computer destroyed by lethal virus

Xenotransplants in Mexico and the Cook Islands  March 2002

Scientists warn against pig transplants  4 January 2002

CRT files suit against NIH to release xeno info  31 October 2001

Imutran moves to Boston  winter 2001-2002 CivAb

UK gov't doubtful about pig organ transplants  8 February 2001

Subsequent Imutran news   October 2000

Imutran Shuts Down (in the UK)  Daily Express 235  28 September 2000

Animal Tests Probe after we expose suffering 234  22 September 2000

Terrible despair of animals cut up in research   21 September 2000

Imutran predicts pig to human transplants in a year   November 1999

Civitas submission to WHO xeno discussion  September 1999

Pig hearts wrong shape for humans   July 1999

Civitas submission to FDA on pig to human transplants   July 1999  115

FDA has not banned pig to human transplants  May 1999 100

Andre Menache in WHO Bulletin v.77 n.1 1999 126

CRT (Campaign for Responsible Transplants ) files petition Dec 1998 87

Campaign for Responsible Transplants progress report  Dec 1998 61

BUAV and CIWF Report: Chimerism in human xeno recipients  Oct 1998

Reprogramming humans to accept animal organs Sept 1998 76

"Coming soon to a hospital near you?"

Civitas Letter (and response) in Journal of Higher Education Sept 1998

This follows above listing. Scroll down when you get there 76

DLRM (Doctors and Lawyers for Responsible Medicine) charges British Government with responsibility for dangers of xenotransplants May 199860

CRT Xenotransplants riskier than ever  March 199857

New Pig Virus Infects Humans - Australia Spring 199856

Misc. Animal Viruses Infect Humans + Report by R Greek,MD of Vancouver DLRM Congress  Dec & Oct 199738

DLRM cites dangers of xenotransplants  Jan 199726


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