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American Anti-vivisection Soc.


Animals why they must not be brutalized

Asia Pacific Alliance Against Xeno- transplantation

British Anti-vivisection Association  AND

Campaign for Responsible


Cancers HQ Resource Directory at

Committee against Fraudulent

Medical Research

Doctors and Lawyers for

Responsible Medicine


In Defense of Animals

Medical Research Modernization Committee

National Vaccine Information

Service <>

New Zealand Anti-Vivisection Society  <http//>

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals <>

Physicians' Committee for

Responsible Medicine

Pro Anima

Rabbit Information Service

S.U.P.R.E.S.S.  The Nature of

Wellness <>

Deep transplant resource directory.

Uncaged Campaigns

Vivisection pictures

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Coalition to Protect Animals

in Parks & Refuges

Alaska Wildlife Alliance

Anti-hunting web page

Breach Marine Protection

Buffalo Field Campaign  <http://www.buffalo field

Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting

League of Animal Protection

Voters (Honor and Non-Violence for Animals)

Ocean Mammal Institute


Rabbit Information Service

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society



Tokitae Foundation (Free Lolita)

Whale and Dolphin Conservation


Wildlife Protection Network

Wild Horse Rescue, Australia

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Coalition to Protect Animals in Parks & Refuges

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Alliance for Bio-integrity

"Animal People"

Banmines (Petition to ban landmines)


Canterbury Animal Respect Network


Investment/Fraud source links

Ex- cattle rancher  Howard Lyman.


expose of cruel police dog training methods

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals <>

Vaccines and Shaken Baby Syndrome

World Animal Net

Words and Music by Jack Tanis

Words and Music (Jack Tanis)


Free range poultry supplies

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