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Vaccines Preservative's Effects Known? by Valeri Williams Aug 2002

The 3 R's dissected by Magicat  August 2002

Adverse drug reactions Feb 19 to May 2002

Cystic fibrosis scientifically invalid animal experiments by SAV Mar O2

Post vaccination syndrome testimony by Rebecca Carley,MD Mar 14, 02

Chemical causes of illness by Jill Russell, Feb 2002

Iams accused of cruel animal experiments Uncaged Jan 4, 2002

Cambridge Primate Ctr. scientifically outdated - Claude Reiss,PhD 11/01

Mercury in vaccines on trial lawyers sue US gov't  October 17, 2001

How not to treat foot and mouth disease  May 2001

as demonstrated by the British Government

The beginning of the end to xenotransplantation? February 2001

The lowdown on American Veterinary Medicine Association  Jan 2001

from SHARK - Showing Animals Respect and Kindness

The state of animal affairs as 2000 draws to a close  Dec 2000

from Marguerite Wegner of Rabbit Information Service, Australia

Update on BSE ("mad cow" disease) Dec 2000

Doctor criticizes AMA's blind acceptance of GE/GM  Dec 16 2000

John Hagelin's StarLink testimony to EPA      November 28 2000

Providence Journal editorial on bioengineering  November 9, 2000

Interview with So African President Mbecki on AIDS  October 2000

Imutran moves xenotransplant research from England to Boston 9/2000

Fluoride 50 Years On September 2000

Problems with USDA meat inspection  September 2000

Drawback to cell cultures: fetal calf serum  Carlo Jochem Sept 2000

Autism vaccine links multiply  September 2000

Measles-mumps-rubella vaccine linked to autism  May 2000

Measles-mumps-rubella vaccine linked to bowel problems  May 2000

"First, do no harm" by B. Rimland links diseases to vaccines May 2000

Beware the Fatted Calf two indictments of meat 179 Mar 2000

Mad Cow Disease and Humans by Ronnie Cummins 155  Jan 2000

Insights on Genetic Manipulation from Dr David Suzuki144  Jan 2, 2000

Criticism of Monsanto's Biotechnology  January 1, 2000

Presentation to FDA by Alliance for Bio-Integrity Nov 30 1999140

Edward Moore, MD: Xenotransplantation and Diabetes Sept 1999130

Submissions from Civitas and Alix Fano on HPV testing proposal1328/99

Civitas submission to FDA on xenotransplants115 July 1999

Paul McCartney dumps soy because of GM +  June 11, 1999

GM comments from Canadian professor113  May-June 1999

People worldwide grappling with genetic manipulation 93 Spring 1999

Proposal to re-test most-used chemicals  Winter 1998-99

Jeremy Rifkin applies for patent on human gene scrambling Summer 98

Doctors and Lawyers for Responsible Medicine  May 12, 1998

Challenge British Government on Safety of Xenotransplants

Vivisection as honest doctors see it (just started ongoing collection)

Doctors' comments on Draize and LD50 tests  Autumn 1996

Public health and mad cow disease  Michael Greger, MD May 6, 1996

Animal to Human Transplants Riskier Than Ever  Feb 22, 1991

(Campaign for Responsible Transplantation)


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BSE or Mad Cow

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