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BSE update and review (pigs too) by Michael Greger, MD Winter 03-04

Presence of BSE in U.S. uncertain by Bina Robinson  November 2003

BSE now in Japan two brief reports entered      December 2001

Report from France by Aline Morin  Spring 2001

Recap on BSE and the world at large by Bina Robinson Spring 2001

Indictment of UK + review of TSE, by Australian Dr Lynette Dumble

                                                                                        January  17, 2001         

Untangling the mad cow mystery by Barry James Dec 7, 2000

BSE spreads out in Europe from various reports November 2000

Public health and mad cow disease by Michael Greger, MD May 6, 1996

Articles on BSE

"Mad Cow" Disease


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