Fluoride Index


"What is amazing...is that public health policy has allowed water fluoridation to continue in the absence of solid scientific evidence that it is both safe and effective.  When you commit to putting a powerful chemical into the water supply, you'd better have the best evidence that it is both safe and effective. 

The required level of evidence is just not there." 

                   --Nicholas Regush, science writer for ABC News  February 16, 2001

Sep 2002  Fluroide can make you sick  - NYSCOF

Feb 2001  British plan to fluoridate children's milk

Nov 2000  Report on Fluoride Politics  from Kamloops, BC Canada

Oct  2000  British Medical Journal criticizes fluoride studies

Fluoride 50 Years On  article in Summer 2000 CivAb

Jan  2000  Decision to add fluoride disturbing - Paul T. Culley 

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