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Uncaged Campaign response to AEBC report Sep 3 02

GM pigs for xenotransplants  January 4, 2002

A real revolution in biology and genetics by I.D. Bross, PhD  Mar  2001

Review of GE crop technology "Crop Muster"by Audrey Thier Dec 2001

Doctor criticizes AMA's blind acceptance of modified foods Dec 16 00

John Hagelin's testimony before EPA  Nov 28, 2000

Providence Journal editorial on John Hagelin  Nov 9, 2000

Update from Winter 2000-01 CivAb

Response to appeal for "informed debate on biotechnology" in The Vancouver Sun  January 26, 2000

Laboratory Animals are us by David Suzuki 144 excerpted Jan 2, 2000

Government by Monsanto143 cosy relationship with FDA  Jan 1, 2000

Presentation for FDA Public Meeting by Alliance for Bio-Integrity Nov 30/99

Paul McCartney says NO MORE SOY 113  June 10, 1999

Genetic Modification Perilous by Prof. Braxton M. Alfred 113  May 24/99

GM corn threatens monarch butterflies  June 1999 101

Canada discredits Monsanto study of milk hormone April 1999 94

International tempest over GM soybeans CivAb Spring 1999 93

Rats and mice manipulated to produce human sperm 92

People worldwide grappling with GM  CivAb Winter 98-99 88

Reprogramming humans to accept animal organs Sept 1998 76

Genetic Engineering- Dream or Nightmare by Mae-Wan HO

            a review of this landmark book  from CivAb Autumn 199873

Jeremy Rifkin applies for patent on gene manipulation followed by

            report from Comitato Scientifico Anti-viv. CivAb Summer 1998 58

DLRM Challenge to British Government  (May 12, 1998)60

Genetic Engineering by Helen Fullerton PhD CivAb Summer 19974

Thoughts on Dolly the Cloned Sheep March 4, 19992o

Medical Research Modernization Committee February 25, 199925

"Welcome to 'Brave New World'" by Irwin D Bross, PhD Jan 12, 199723

"Rearrranging the Natural Order of Things" CivAb Autumn 1996 114

Genetic Engineering / Manipulation


Recommended reading: Genetic Engineering Dream or Nightmare $16

                                        by Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 

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Also  Beyond Evolution the Genetically Altered  Future of Plants, Animals, the Earth and Humans by Dr. Michael W. Fox  $24.95  The Lyons Press

Recommended reading: Genetic Engineering Dream or Nightmare

                                         by Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 

Order from Civitas  $16 10th item on list.                                  Book review


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