The problem with animal vaccines  excerpted by Hillgrove Cats from         "What vets don't tell you about vaccines" by Catherine O'Driscoll                                                                                 

                                                                                                Winter 02/03

Letter on mercury in vaccines by Sandy Mintz December 2002

Preservative's Effects May Have Been Know by Valeri Williams Aug 02

Smallpox Outbreak What to Do  by Sherri Tenpenny, DO July 7 02

                    (condensed version in The Civil Abolitionist Summer 2002)

Vaccine Safety and Autism by Congressman Dan Burton June 19 02

Introductory Statement to Government Reform Committee

Your Child or a Rat  by Deirdre Balaam

Post vaccination syndrome testimony by Rebecca Carley,MD Mar 14, 02

Letter to The Economist  Nov 18, 2001

Lawsuit filed re mercury in vaccines causing autism  Oct 17, 2001

Autism Vaccine Links Multiply   Autumn 2000

Vaccines linked to autism 3 articles   April/May 2000

First, do no harm - by Bernard Rimland, Dir. Autism Research Inst.

problems with multiple vaccines  Los Angeles Times,  May 1, 2000

CDC confirms increase in autism  April 2000

Flu Vaccine and Alzheimer's + Vaccines and Infant Mortality

      from article in Alive #210 by Croft Woodruff, April 2000

MMR vaccine linked to bowel problem - by Lorraine Fisher

In The Mail on Sunday April 9, 2000

Vaccines are "No Preventive Measure"167 article by Pat Rattigan, MD

in Gulf News February 5, 2000

Hep B vaccine now required before entering 7th grade in NY State 138

November 1999

Changes in vaccine policy for Hep B and diarrhea vaccines   120

July 11-16, 1999, Mesa Tribune and AP reports

Vaccine assault on infants and children worsens with hep B vaccine99

article from Summer 1999 issue of The Civil Abolitionist 99


        September 1997   <http://www.909shot.com/>

EXPERIMENTAL VACCINE INFLICTED ON 3RD WORLD BABIES and other vaccine news 169 from CivAb Spring 1997

VACCINE UPDATE :  (scroll down after you get there)     

The Civil Abolitionist  Winter 1996-1997

Rubella increase follows vaccinations;

Vaccine causes diabetes in New Zealand;

FDA approves new pertussis vaccine;

Infant guinea pigs -  experimental vaccine against Group B and

        Group C meningococcal meningitis;

125 million Indian children vaccinated;

"Vaccination, why not?" - Excerpts from an article of that name by   Daniel Baden, ND DipHom, on the "myths, dangers and alternatives to infant vaccination" ;

Vitamin A as an alternative to measles vaccine


(scroll down after you get there)

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the pharmaceutical assault on our children

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