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The low-carb craze

French BSE epidemic belatedly recognized

Cholesterol lowering drugs by Martha Treichler, RD,CDN  scroll down

Three transplant recipients die of rabies

Purdue and IU cooperate on nerve regeneration study

Another grotesque experiment

Bird flu resurgence in Asia

Drink milk and prevent colon cancer by Robert Cohen

A new kind of censorship

Virginia passes dissection law

LCV delivers tuna sandwiches to Bush campaign headquarters

A vaccine to help alleviate global warming

Austria leads the world in legislation to protect animals

Book review: What Will We Do If We Don't Experiment on Animals?

Medical Research for the 21st Century

by Jean Swingle Greek, DVM and C. Ray Greek, MD


       Public Citizen sues FDA to ban antidepressant

       More antidepressant news

       Drug researcher Imprisoned for FDA Fraud

       FDA promotes statin drugs by ignoring or even banning dietary

                cholesterol control

       Abbott Laboratories raises price of AIDS drug five times

       Clariton price raised three times


       Effect of whole grain vs white flour on insulin sensitivity--and girth

       White wine or red?

       Drug companies knew risks of hormone therapy 5 years before it     

       was revealed by Women's Health Initiative

       Women's Health Initiative yields more formation

       Children's asthma incidence up 600% since 70's in UK


        Irwin Bross, PhD, Amherst NY smoking  greater danger than obesity

        David Cutler, Acton MA some protests against Bush's war

        Pat Haydon, Annapolis MD Slaughter of the Innocent

        Alan Yurko, of Yurko Project new trial scheduled for August 26 (04)

        E Albertine, Long Island City NY natural hygienist

        Dorothy Kendall, Prattsburgh NY danger of human epidemic from bird flu

        Duane and Mary Frances Martin, The Woodlands Tx still fighting

        Christine Rosner, PhD, Elmira NY too bad US not ready for Kucinich

        Anon.  LA CA:  Reagan legacy may help stem cell research

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      Spring/Summer 2004  v.15  no. 1