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Book Review

What Will We Do If We Don't

Experiment on Animals?  Medical Research for the Twenty-first Century

by Jean Swingle Greek, DVM and C. Ray Greek, MD

(Trafford 2004 PB indexed 261pp  $24.95)


The Greeks have done it again!  For the third time, this husband and wife team has produced a book overflowing with hard scientific information demonstrating  how animal experimentation is not required for new developments in human medicine.

Their third book is more technical than either Sacred Cows and Golden Geese or Specious Science, but they take pains to explain (often in parentheses) the least familiar terms making them intelligible to lay readers.  This book appears to have been written primarily for the enlightenment of those members of the scientific community who seem unable or unwilling to comprehend, let alone utilize or fund the many superior non-animal methods of research  that are already available.

Serious anti-vivisectionists have long been aware of the growing number of pure scientific research methods that are available with more becoming so all the time. It is doubtful, however, that more than a handful are aware of more than a few of the methods the authors document.  All these methods are based on human  characteristics and responses rather than those of other species making the results reliably applicable to humans rather than whatever species are employed in animal methodologies.  The fact that these superior methods are not being used is a disservice to humankind.  On a mercenary level, the fact that most of these more effective, less costly  non-animal methods are not being used  is also a disservice to American taxpayers who foot the bill for most medical research projects.

By quoting opinions from scientists worldwide, the authors make it clear that they are far from the only ones who  advocate adopting these advanced scientific modalities.

Civitas regrets lacking the wherewithal to stock this book .  We are glad to say that it is available through most bookstores and on-line suppliers.

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