The Civil Abolitionist

         Spring 2003  v.14  no. 1

                                                                                                                                    CivAb index

SARS another deadly virus from the meat industry - Michael Greger MD

SARS found in three more species  (scroll down)

End dog labs at UC SanDiego

Colorado University suspends dog labs

Dog shots findings at University of Wisconsin-Madison


Vivisection Unveiled by Dr Tony Page

Past to Present Ideas that Changed our World by Dr Stuart and Terry Hirschberg

by Deirdre Balaam

Your rights are being eroded by Mary Chipman (scroll down)

Environmentalists = Terrrorists, the New Math by Karen Charman


AARP exposes drug industry links to senior organizations

GE proteins in Eprex cause severe immune reaction

New York sues Pharmacia and GlaxoSmithKline

10,000 Baycol takers have filed suits against Bayer ane GSK

"Modern health care is not about health.  It's a euphemism for an internationally

operated pharmaceutical network based on propaganda that we've been fed for the last 100 years:

chemical drugs correct disease." - Rhody Lake, editor of Alive

Serazone withdrawn in Europe still sold in the U.S.

Eli Lilly mails Prozac samples directly to patients

Putting old drugs into more expensive new packages


CDC study finds declinen in lead and tobacco poisons in blood

Lumpectomy  vs. Mastectomy

Eating "fatty fish" may protect against endometrial cancer

New technique for preserving sperm cells

Environmentalists = Terrorists, the New Math by Karen Charman

Comments by Mary Chipman


Mary Lawrence

Philip Duckworth

Nancie Saylor

Michael Burman

Elizabeth Albertine

Kiley Blackman

In Memoriam

Anna Krycki         Hans Siegenthaler         Bella Stoll

The passing of these three longtime advocates for animals

is a reminder that many of our original animal rights pioneers

are reaching the end of their life spans.  Sad as it is to lose

their presence in our lives, their efforts to achieve a better world

for all creatures still live on and inspire us to

build on their achievements.


Vivisection Unveiled by Dr Tony Page Jon Carpenter Publishing 1997

Too much fluoride NY State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation, Inc

Letter disputing Rich Lowry column using animals in SARS research

Canadians clamping down on cosmetic use of pesticides

European Parliament ban on animal-tested cosmetics after 2009

Homeopathic treatments for smallpox by Dorothy Kendall

SHAC-UK announces to more strikes against HLS

Promising new stem cell production & repair technique could replace some heart transplants                                                                                               

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