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An Extended Tragedy by Alan Yurko 

medley of medical errors that led to life imprisonment

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine sues FDA to stop worthless animal tests

Campaign for Responsible Transplantation wins court decision re information disclosure

Dirty Secrets by Karen Dawn -an anti-vivisectionist's slant on two articles in The New York Times, September 27, 2002

The Problem with Vaccines (for animals) by Catherine O'Driscoll

Smallpox Vaccine Guidelines

Smallpox Vaccine: Health Care Workers' Pledge by Meryl Nass, MD

A Doctor's Viewpoint on toxins in the home environment by

Phil Landrigan, MD

UK Biobank promoters will be seeking solutions for diseases

Viagra May Be Saving Seals

SHAC announces withdrawal of Huntingdon Life Science insurance provider

Independent Judicial Inquiry into Vivisection Demo to be held in

London April 5, 2003


    *Drug companies dominate published research

    *Ad agencies acquire interest in clinical research firms

    *Study finds medication errors occurring 19% of the time

    *St John's Wort effective as Zoloft for depression disorders

    *Lovastatin lowers more than cholesterol

    *Patients sue Glaxo-SmithKlein claiming Seroxat is addictive

    *Department of Health and Human Services deems steroidal

     estrogens to be carcinogenic

    *Letter (unpublished) from Irwin D. Bross to The New York Times


    *Human (as opposed to rodent) male infertility study

    *Mercury in fish indicted for human infertility problems

    *The future of medicine: teaching the body to heal itself

    *Eat your broccoli

    *Study shows vitamin C may help reduce the risk of strokes

    *Butter vs. margarine

    *UK to create genetic data base


SPECIOUS SCIENCE How Genetics and Evolution Reveal Why Medical Research on Animals Harms Humans Continuum 2002   288 pages, $26.95 referenced, index  by C. Ray Greek, M.D. and

Jean Swingle Greek, DVM


Phillip Duckworth, England

Marguerite Wegner, Australia

To obtain a print copy: send SASE to Civitas, POB 26, Swain NY 14884

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