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An Extended Tragedy

by Alan Yurko

It all began with a troubled pregnancy, a prematurely-induced birth,  and routine administration of six vaccines.  It wound up with a grieving father sentenced to life imprisonment, a grieving mother threatened and harassed, and a four-year-old sister battered and sexually molested.  Here is the story from the father, Alan Yurko:

My son Alan was vaccinated despite several contraindications. He was a premature baby weighing only 5 lb 9 oz at birth. My wife's pregnancy was complicated with maternal gestational diabetes, and group B streptococcal infection (which in itself poses a high risk of infant death). My son suffered in his short life from pneumonia, respiratory distress syndrome, and hyper-bilirubemia. Despite all of this, he was given a cocktail of vaccines at eight weeks of age.

The day after he was vaccinated, my baby developed a fever and started to fuss. Ten days later he emitted a high- pitched scream. We were told to expect this and not to worry. A couple of days later he stopped breathing. I rushed him to the hospital where he died following resuscitation and a number of hospital errors. Although young Alan was white, 12-weeks-old with a head circumference of 31.5 cm at birth, his autopsy report was confused with that of a 10-week-old black male with a head circumference of 22 cm.  Alan was an organ donor, but his autopsy described excised myocardium (inner heart muscle).  It was on this autopsy report that the medical examiner based his diagnosis of shaken baby syndrome (SBS).


Because we could not explain his rib injuries, and because I was the last adult alone with him, I was charged with aggravated child abuse and first degree murder. We could not afford counsel; our lawyers were public defenders. If that wasn't enough, our four-year-old daughter was taken by the authorities to "protect her" from me - the accused, who was being held without bond in a maximum security facility.  She was used by the police and authorities to threaten and blackmail my wife to help them fabricate evidence and testify against me. My wife adamantly refused to do this. She was charged as an accessory to murder and our daughter was placed in extended custody. Here, she was sexually battered and molested when her 'protectors' left her unsupervised with two boys who had a history of deviant behavior. My wife's charges were dismissed after great effort and cost and our daughter was returned. They have both been fighting every day since 1997 to bring our family together.

More recently, after 8 months of bureaucratic runaround, we discovered that one of the vaccines given to my son - DTaP (7H81507 Connaught Labs) - was from a "hot batch" or "hot lot" that caused more deaths than any other vaccine between the years 1990 and 1999.

I am serving a life sentence in Florida without the possibility of parole. I refused the opportunity to plea bargain because I am not guilty.  I did not kill my son. His death was the result of the medical treatment he received and a fatal reaction to his childhood immunizations.

Since my conviction, I have rallied the support of an armada of scientists, doctors, and organizations which supports my innocence. Doctors and scientists from 15 countries, including the US, have stood up to support us.  We have numerous reports from experts who, after reviewing the case, have pronounced pronounced me innocent. Many are up in arms at the iatrogenic events revealed in the records.

The medical examiner based his conclusion of SBS on swelling and bleeding in the brain and calluses indicating healing fractures in four ribs.

The jury believed the six local doctors testifying for the prosecution at the trial and ignored the testimony of one of the nation's top pathologists, Douglas R. Shanklin, MD, that the blood in the brain was only 8 to 24 hours old indicating that it had occurred in the hospital rather than previously.  In a joint report, Harold E. Buttram, MD  and F. Edward Yazbak, MD, attributed the death to "vaccine-induced encephalitis" which would account for the brain damage. 


The rib fractures could have been from the difficult birth or, according to Alan B. Clemetson, MD, damage to bone tissue from Barlow's Disease (scurvy) resulting from "border-line vitamin C deficiency".   

Archie Kolokerinos, MD, wrote: "Scurvy disrupts these areas (costo-chondral junctions), the bone breaks down and the ribs may override, forming in typical cases 'beads.'  Then healing commences with new bone formation looking just like true healing fractures. Furthermore, not all the ribs may be involved in this process and the changes will not all occur at the same time - giving the impression of multiple fractures of different ages."

Professor Mohammed A. Al-Bayati, PhD, DABT, DABVT, a board-certified toxicologist and pathologist has completed a 250+ hour tissue/re-cord review and concluded:

* My son's respiratory/cardiac arrest on 24 November 1997 was vaccine induced.

* During the subsequent 75-hour terminal hospital course, he was overdosed on heparin (anticoagulant) many times.  He received 1095 IUs every 5 hours vs the AAP guideline limit for his weight/age of 125 IUs every 5 hours, nearly 9 times over the limit.  This triggered the brain bleeds which were ultimately fatal.

* He was similarly overdosed on bicarbonate.

* The autopsy report is bogus and compromised as has already been established.

    Dr. Al-Bayati is soon to be interviewed on The Byte Show.

Reports of independent  scientists can be found at  The report by Drs Harold E Buttram and F Edward Yazbak represents nearly 2,000 hours of review and research on the case.

"This case is representative of an emerging pattern of increasingly frequent vaccine reactions...which are being overlooked or misdiagnosed by our present health care system,"  according to Buttram.  There are at least 140 similar cases  worldwide and 150 doctors trying to help. 


Several organizations have started legal fund campaigns.  The International Chiropractic Association has established a fund which will not only help us defray the phenomenal court costs, but will help others in similar straits.  The National Health Federation and The Eagle Foundation are accepting funds on our behalf as well as organizations in the UK.  Other organizations, such as PAVE (Parents Advocating Vaccine Education) and AVN (Australian Vaccination Network) are assisting in this effort. 

    In addition, groups and organizations involved in health freedom and awareness are taking a stand to help us reveal this injustice and prevent it from happening to others.  There are may other families like mine who are being destroyed.

    We presently have close to 150 doctors, scientists and experts as well as 70 organizations on four continents that stand behind us.

    We pray that you take an interest and offer any assistance you can, whether it be financial, professional or spiritual.  This is not just about one family's injustice.  It is about hundreds of families who have had or will experience such tragedy.

My address is: 

Alan Yurko X13937

Century Correctional Institution
400 Tedder Road
Century, FL 32535 USA   


Mail  (and donations )may also be sent to:

The Yurko Project

    Mrs Francine M Yurko

POBox 585965

Orlando FL 32858--5965 


Ph: 407 291 4344


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