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Drug company secrets becoming public as companies try to expand uses for existing drugs

Smallpox Advisory by Sherri Tenpenny, DO   text  (scroll down, but see letter to editor by Sandy Mintz on the way)

CWD threatened deer and most likely humans who eat them

Women's Health Initiative report on hormone therapy

European Union

Cow proteins found in chickens


   Drugs to counter other drugs

   20% of new drugs are likely to have side effects

   Middlemen manage appointments for sales pitches

   Study warns of side effects in newly-approved drugs

   Drug reps deal directly with patients in doctors' examining rooms

   Rezulin victims and survivors due Warner Lambert


   Treating heart attack victims

   Stent improves outcome of emergency balloon angioplasty

   Placebo as good as knee surgery

   SIDS attributed to bacterium

   Daily baby aspirin reduces colon cancer incidence

   Vitamin C may reduce heart attack and stroke

   Vaccine virus found in cancers

From alchemy to science and back to alchemy  - Irwin D Bross. PhD

Study of mercury in vaccines suppressed by CDC   text

24-D causes dog cancers


Eternal Treblinka by Charles Patterson

Animals Lament -the Prophet Denounces


Jack Tanis

Shanie  Aero

Bella Stoll

Deirde Balaam

Jackie Jackelo

Andy Gach

Pauline Vander Weel


Hans Fischinger

Spike Milligan

Rhona Zaid

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Widow of failed gene surgery victim sues hospital

Rio bans animal performances

Germany legalizes animals' right to respect and dignity

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