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Why human genome project is a real revolution in biology and genetics

                                                                                                      by Irwin D. Bross, PhD

Recap on "mad" cows and the world at large by Bina Robinson

Corporate takeover of science

The creation of a killer virus

Students butcher dogs in surgical training

Future dubious for UK pig organ transplants

Super aspirin a killer?


20 deaths among people taking new flu drugs

Tamiflu recommended as preventative by FDA

Promising drug for C. myelogenous leukemia

Public Citizen sues FDA to recall Lotronex

Insurance companies promote Premarin

Off-label drug use can be dangerous


Hunting can be hard on hunters as well as deer

Cigarettes linked to colorectal cancer

Alzheimer's linked to childhood IQ at age eleven

Tooth fairy reveals radiation exposure

Huge New York City canceer study

Huntingdon Life Sciences under assault by determined activists

Corporate takeover of science


Constance Young  New York NY

Marguerite Wegner, Australia

Shanie Aero Mesa AZ

Lee Davis Maple Ridge BC

John Riker, DC  New York NY


J R Hyland: God's Covenant  with Animals Lantern Books 2000

                     reviewed by Rhona Zaid, PhD

Vivisection or Science ? An investigation into Testing Drugs and Safeguarding Health by Professor Pietro Croce reviewed in British Medical Journal   "In this disturbing and thought-provoking book, Professor Pietro, an Italian Scientist, who used to experiment on animals himself,  explains why he now believes this is unethical.  Surprisingly, this view is not based on his love for animals, but rather his 'concern for the health of other human beings.'"  (To order see book page

POPS (persistent organic pollutants) to be banned or phased out)

Soybeans to replace cows' blood in plywood glue

FDA allows health claim for soy protein

Biotech industery plans three new labs in UK

Lost letter from Irish poet Liam Brophy:

Letter from Liam Brophy

July 4, 1988

     We have just been reminded by some American friends here that this is your Big Day!  I am also reminded to thank you for the copies of CIVITAS which keep coming, with all their concentrated load of info.

     Our distinguished mutual friend Hans Ruesch is under such concentrated attack that he reminds me of those pictures of St. Sebastian, showing him bound to a post while his enemies used his naked body for bow-and-arrow target practice.  You might consider the following lines on the theme worth publishing:


   How like Sebastian he stands

   Our staunch and targeted Hans

   While men of comprehension dim

   Shoot lancet-keen arrows at him,

   Singly or in hysteric bands.

   His  great crime's not the eloquent

   Plea for the slaughtered innocent,

   But that he draws out the real aim

   Of why they cut and burn and maim,

   Lays bare their live emolument.

                                                  Liam Brophy

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