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Response to California Regional Primate Center Paper on Benefits of Primate Research by the Coalition to End Primate Experiments

Vet calls Wisconsin Regional Primate Center a "Snake Pit"

Monsanto the Rogue  by Irwin D. Bross, PhD

Poliomyelitis a Case Study in Vivisection by Steve Bedard

Pig Hearts Wrong Shape for Humans by Dan Lyons

Excerpts from article on xenotransplantation in WHO Bulletin by

Andre Menache, BVSc,  MRCVS

Corrositex accepted as substitute for testing human skin toxicity;

Mice behave differently in different labs

Update on Low-level Ionizing Radiation from Irwin D Bross PhD

Slow Response to SV40 Virus in Polio Vaccines  (Scroll down)

Mandate Withdrawn for Early Hepatitis B Shot

"Mad Cow" Affects US and Canadian Blood Donations


  • Raloxifene study shows increase in blood clots

  • Smithkline Beecham launches Avandia to compete with Rezulin

  • New DES concerns

  • Public Citizen Healh Research Group petitions for Tamoxifen info.

  • France reclassifies legal and illegal recreational drugs


  • Life saving M&Ms and machine control dials

  • Link between cows' milk and diabetes

BOOK REVIEW  Breaking the Code of Silence by Sue Ellen Marston

"Hanging, Swinging, Slamming and Kicking are NOT Training"  An

expose of brutal dog-training methods used by police, the armed services and private dog trainers available from New Life Publishing,

POB 7477, Ventura CA 93006  $9.95


Janice Wrubel, Ruth Irmer, David Cutler, Adela Pisarevsky,

Michael Seirik, Jackie Bullette, Gerard Livenois

Plus this poem:


                                               Mary had a little lamb

                                        its fleece was slightly gray.

                                        It didn't have a father

                                        just some borrowed DNA.

                                        It sort of had a mother

                                        though the ovum was on loan,

                                        It was not so much a lambkin

                                        As a little lamby clone.

                                       And soon it had a fellow clone

                                       and soon it had some more,

                                       They followed her to school one day

                                       all cramming through the door.

                                       It made the children laugh and play

                                       the teachers found it droll,

                                       There were too many lamby clones

                                       For Mary to control.

                                       No other could control the sheep

                                       Since their programs didn't vary,

                                       So the scientists resolved it all

                                       By simply cloning Mary.

                                       But now they feel quite sheepish

                                       Those scientists unwary,

                                       One problem solved, but what to do

                                       With Mary, Mary, Mary……..

                                                                        Author unknown

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Volume 10  Issue 3                                                                                                                    Autumn 1999

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