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(VIDEO)  LETHAL MEDICINE  by The Nature of Wellness (SUPRESS,
J. Burgos and H. Davoudian)  described at the end of this book list

$28.000 J.B.Suconik A book lauded by philosopher Tom Regan, Rhona Zaid and other scholars as an important tome in the quest for justice for animals. Suconik's work provides a seminal concept ..."which should, if we are to abide by our own principle of justice, prohibit human ownership and brutal exploitation of animals as it prohibits ownership and exploitation of humans." Here for the very first time Suconik logically counters the belief that the animal kingdom is fair game for human exploitation.

  C. Ray Greek, MD & Jean Swingle Greek, DVM: SACRED COWS AND GOLDEN GEESE the Human Cost of Experiments on Animals
hc $25 explodes the myth of benefits from animal experiments in painstaking detail 256p  review

NEW  Robert Cohen: MILK THE DEADLY POISON hc $25 Scientific information on milk and the politics of milk 315p review scroll down

The book every parent needs to read.158 p review

Hans Ruesch:
SLAUGHTER OF THE INNOCENT $9 a medical history of the unscientific influence of animal experiments on human medical practice. The late Dr. Robert Mendelsohn called it "the bible of the anti-vivisection movement." pb 446p

Hans Ruesch:
NAKED EMPRESS $16 exposes the role of the chemical and drug companies that use animal testing as an alibi for imposing their poisonous wares on the public. 260p

Hans Ruesch:
1000 DOCTORS AGAINST VIVISECTION $16 A collection of statements from physicians opposing animal experimentation from 1989 back to 1824. 281p

Hans Ruesch:
VIVISECTION IS SCIENTIFIC FRAUD $3 a 48-page collection of gruesome photographs with captions that tell the story of vivisection.

Irwin Bross, Ph D:
SCIENTIFIC TRUTH vs. SCIENTIFIC FRAUD $15 How ordinary citizens can identify and prevail against fraudulent practices of the scientific establishment.  224p

Irwin D. Bross Ph D:
FIFTY YEARS OF FOLLY AND FRAUD "IN THE NAME OF SCIENCE" FROM "CROSSROADS" TO THE HEALTH CARE CRISIS $15 A top public health scientist tells the history of a "dirty little civil war" in science during the Cold War - health scientists vs. radiation scientists. How the Pentagon won and the public lost. 172p

Pietro Croce, MD:
VIViSECTION OR SCIENCE  An investigation into Testing Drugs and Safeguarding Health  $24 A retired pathologist, trained to vivisect, explains why vivisection is not true science. 230 p

Mae-Wan HO:
GENETIC ENGINEERING  - Dream or Nightmare? the Brave New World of Bad Science and Big Business $16 a "brilliant and highly illuminating book...essential reading for all those concerned with the future of humanity."- Edward Goldsmith, Editor of The Ecologist
Dr Ho has deservedly been called "the Rachel Carson of genetic engineering" 277 p

Moneim Fadali, MD: ANIMAL EXPERIMENTATION a Harvest of Shame $15.  Thoracic surgeon/poet debunks indispensability of animal research  on scientific grounds.  234 p  trade pb   review

Alix Fano:
LETHAL LAWS Animal testing, Human Health and Environmental Policy  $20 "Cogently argued and well researched and written, Ms Fano's analysis is a 'must read' for anyone involved in environmental policy or public health." -Andrew Kimbrell  Also a 'must' for understanding why it is not necessary to use animals in toxicological research. 242 p trade pb   review

Robert Sharpe, Ph D:
THE CRUEL DECEPTON $13 written "with cool and admirable scientific precision.....proves clearly and unarguably that vivisection is both evil and unnecessary." - Vernon Coleman. MD
Impeccably referenced  288p

Eustace Mullins:
MURDER BY INJECTION: THE STORY OF THE MEDICAL CONSPIRACY AGAINST AMERICA $15 (hc) Vaccines are just one part of it. Lists names in interlocking directorates in the best muckraking tradition.

Neil Z. Miller:
VACCINES ARE THEY REALLY SAFE AND EFFECTIVE? $8 A parents' guide to childhood shots

Martin J Walker:
DIRTY MEDICINE, SCIENCE BIG BUSINESS AND THE ASSAULT ON NATURAL HEALTH CARE $24 (760 page) recounts industry conspiracies against alternative medicine featuring the Wellcome Foundation and AZT Out of print, one copy left Sept 2/99  SOLD Jan 00

Bette Overell:
ANIMAL RESEARCH TAKES LIVES HUMANS AND ANIMALS BOTH SUFFER $22 hc The author set out to refute a New Zealand Government booklet, "Animal Research Saves Lives" and wound up pouring the contents of her file cabinets into a beautifully-produced volume packed with useful information for activists everywhere.

Richard Thomas:
THE ESSIAC REPORT CANADA'S UNKNOWN REMEDY $20 Describes nurse Rene Caisse's successful treatment of cancers with an Ojibway herbal remedy and her collaboration with Dr. Charles Brusch, President Kennedy's personal physician. Despite thousands of cures, Essiac, which does no harm, is denigrated by the cancer establishment even though it can be used in conjunction with coventional treatments.

Pat Rattigan, ND:
THE CANCER BUSINESS epidemic, lethal treatments, fraudulent research, suppressed therapies, the orthodox cure hoax, Tamoxifen, cancer survival  $3, 32p

Emil Levin, MD, and Diane Danielson:
CARDIAC ARREST refutes point by point the published assertions of the American Heart Association attributing medical advances to animal experimentation. 32 p. $2

Campaign against Fraudulent Medical Research:
44 p. booklet $3  a particularly well-researched and referenced expose of pharmaceutical industry's concealment of harmful effects of their products on humans by testing on other species

Kupsinel, MD:
VIVISECTION: SCIENCE OR SHAM 16 p. booklet $2, a succinct explanation of why animal experiments do not help humans. Useful charts.                                                           


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