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Neil Z. Miller:
IMMUNIZATION Theory vs. Reality New Atlantean Press $12.95 trade pb 160 pp indexed IMMUNIZATION Theory vs. Reality: Expose on Vaccinations By Neil Z. Miller

Dr Viera Scheibner summarized this book in a nutshell:  It "is jam-packed with hard and well-documented facts showing vaccines for what they are: a systematic assault on our children."

In her Foreword to the book she points out that the US ranked third lowest in the world in infant mortality in 1950, but after mass vaccination became the rule, sank to 17th place in 1986 and 23rd place by 1995.

Miller informs us that before smallpox vaccination became mandatory in England in 1853 there were never more than 2000 cases in any two-year period. After mandatory vaccination was enforced, however, the number of cases spiked sharply upwards. Between 1870 and 1872, when 96.5% of babies were vaccinated, 45,000 people died of the disease.  After smallpox vaccination became voluntary, the number of cases declined to just one in 1941 when only 39.9% of babies were vaccinated.  Statistics for other countries are similar, but one must take into account that multiple factors, such as improved sanitation, also had an effect.

Smallpox vaccination was only the beginning.  Most children today are required to have 33 inoculations before they enter kindergarten.  Vaccine reactions, minor to serious, take place all the time but are brushed off as "anecdotal", attributed to other causes, and often go unreported to health authorities.  It is mostly thanks to grieving parents trying to prevent casualties in other children that some of us have become aware of the dangers inherent in  vaccinations.  Congress acknowledged that there is at least some danger involved by passing the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act in 1986.  This act resulted in a surtax on vaccines, in effect forcing parents to pay for this liability insurance from which it is often difficult to receive compensation for vaccine injuries.

"Mandating vaccines unscrupulous means of extorting money from trusting parents. Imagine the exorbitant profits of any company that produces a product everyone is required by law to buy--even against their will."

Miller covers the germ theory (Pasteur vs. Bechamp), debunks Koch's Postulates, presents interesting information on vaccines in relation to asthma, the AIDS epidemic and Gulf War Syndrome, and cases of people coming down with the diseases they have been vaccinated against.

The central chapter, "Ploys", describing the machinations and twisted reasoning of government officials promoting vaccines, has a satirical, almost Gilbert and Sullivan-like logic despite the sometimes tragic implications.

People who believe that vaccines are "safe and effective" will at least think twice before submitting themselves and their children to this treatment.

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