The Civil Abolitionist
Autumn 2000

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Autism Vaccine Links Multiply   text

Behind the Scenes of Cell Culture Laboratories   text
   by Carlo Jochems, Wageningen University, The Netherlands

Diabetes increasing as a corollary of obesity and high fat
    consumption   text

The state of government meat inspection  text

Mad cow disease confirmed in Danmark

nvCJD casesincreasing in Britain and France

BSE-infected calf enters human food chain in Britain

Huntingdon about to go belly-up  text

World Farm Animals Day October 2       equivalent text   

Sacred Cows and Golden Geese by C Ray Greek, MD and
       Jean Swingle Greek, DVM available from Civitas
MILK The Deadly Poison by Robert Cohen available from Civitas
Animals why they must not be brutalized by J B Suconik
       reviewed by Rhona Zaid, PhD

Drug Industry Blocks Generic Competition
Industry Counters Clinton Drug Plan
Senior Citizens Pay More for Drugs
Drugs Become Part of the Environment
Propulsid Linked to Deaths of 100 People
Post Marketing Drug Studies Not Performed

Accident Victims Yield Coronary Data for Young People
St John's-wort found to be equivalent of Imipramine
LA Air Pollution Correlated with Hospitalizations
Study Finds Overuse of Rabies Vaccine

David Brainerd, Surprise, Arizona
Irwin D Bross, Amherst, New York
Bette Kent, Edina, Minnesota
Lee Davis, Maple Ridge, BC Canada
Kathy Ungar, Valencia, California
Solveig Wagner, Bogevangen, Danmark

Pat Losornio

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