The Civil Abolitionist
Winter 2000-2001


Imutran moves to Boston (from England)    text                 
This Novartis subsidiary, which has been announcing that it is on the verge of transplanting humanized pig organs into humans, is folding up its tent in Cambridgeshire and joining Bio Transplant, Inc. in
Boston, Massachusetts.  The move coincides with publication of leaked company documents by the
Daily Express.

Avian influenza virus found in Canadian pigs

Campaign for Responsible Transplantation
sues to obtain xenotransplant information from Food and Drug Administration

Rabbit hemorrhagic disease breakout in Iowa   text
A report by Marguerite Wagner of Rabbit Information Service, Australia describing how Australian authorities plan to spread baits laced with a dangerous disease with the potential to kill
other species as well as rabbits.

"Mad Cow" disease is erupting everywhere    text
A review of events during November when BSE broke out for the first time in France, Italy, Spain, Germany and the Azores.

Mice, rats, birds gain recognition as animals
from the US Department of Agriculture giving them a modicum of protection from bad laboratory housing conditions but not from painful experimentation although the agreement includes consideration of using more scientific testing methods.

Premature sexual development in girls as young as two
Scientists try to determine the cause of this phenomenon.

New York University students demand a debate on the use of animals for human research

Variations in reports of acceptance of genetically engineered food

Tulane University fears it may have spread Creuzfeldt Jakob disease
when instruments used in brain surgery were sterilized and reused after a patient was determined to be suffering from CJD.

Anthrax vaccinations suspended by armed services  due to short supply.  Supplies of this vaccine, which has devastated some of the recipients, will be reserved for troops going into areas considered hazardous for biowarfare.

21 children infected with E.coli at petting zoo in Lansdale PA.
Two girs, 3 and 4, are on dialysis.  The owners' baby died.

Revision of Helsinki Declaration proposed by Andre Menache to eliminate use of animals from medical research was passed but only after it had been greatly weakened.  Animal experimentation was not eliminated as Dr Menache (Israeli activist and president of Doctors and Lawyers for Responsible Medicine, London) ,had proposed, but it is no longer a requirement.

Flu shot problems in Canada.  Red eyes, coughing, wheezing and "tightness in chest" followed within 4 to 6 hours of flu shots in some recipients across the nation.

Citizens Funds okay xenotransplantation and animal testing performed in "certified labs" by Alexion and Organogenics.

BOOK REVIEW  Beyond Animal Rlghts  by Rhona Zaid, PhD text

The real cost of drugs for older people
     Common cold and diet drug ingredient causes strokes
     Poultry drugs banned to prevent human ills
     Endostatin found safe but not very effective against cancers
     Cold and flu remedies

Women's Health Initiative seeks answers to hormone therapy
     Nicotine patches may help Parkinson and Alzheimer patients
     Enteric aspirin no better than plain according to Danish study
     Herbal remedy (PC-SPES) helps prostate cancer
     American Cancer Society revises pap smear recommendation

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