Why there are too many deer
and other hunting problems

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Why there are too many deer. articles from various people explaining why the deer population seems too high in some areas

Most recent articles listed first from here down:

Let Navy Is. deer live and die as nature intended - Valerie Will &
Glendale CA budgets $24,000 to kill coyotes - Michael Bell, ALNetwork

NJ bear hunt a public relations debacle - Susan Gordon &
Hunting survey info biased - Susan Gordon

Fish Game & Parks (SD) should conside all options - Adrian Forette &
Deer cull ineffective and expensive -
Rapid City Journal Ed. Board

Minneapolis deer could have been contracepted - Stuart Chaifetz &
Killing coyotes to protect overpopulated Penna. deer - Wes Eustice &
Hunters should not control Game Commission  - David Kveragas &
Emotions: love vs killing - Susan Gordon

Hunting has not controlled Philadelphia park deer - Jean Lauren &
Immunocontraception a viable option - Fund for Animals &
Bowhunting inefficient and cruel way to kill - Bina Robinson &
Pheasant stocking - taxpayer-financed curlety - David Kveragas

Resident Canada Geese - Anne Muller, Wildlife Watch &
Preventing deer overpopulation - David Sauder &
Time for ordinary people to take control - Priscilla Ferrater-Mora, PhD&
Penna. bill to reduce residential safety zone - David Kveragas &
Response to "Thanking Hunters" - David Robinson

Goose killing in NJ park - Michele O'Brien &
Bowhunters cause more suffering - Stuart Chaifetz &
Trapping won't curb raccoon rabies - David Park Musella

Anatomy of a doe hunt - Stuart Chaifetz &
Alaska to kill wolves (predator control) -- Priscilla Feral &
Animals shot and trapped in Nat. Wildlife Refuges -- Fund for Animals

Proposed bear hunt in News Jersey - Stuart Chaifetz &
Alternatives to killing crows (Auburn NY) - Bina Robinson &
NY Deer feeding ban instituted too late - Frank Goettleman

The misery of hunting  2 items by Valerie Will and Jean & Mike Gonska

Two letters on deer populations

NJ pushes Sunday bowhunting while clearcutting Stu Chaifetz Nov/01

NRA dominates wildlife agencies Post Standard Sept 1992 (pls scroll down)

Letter on deer populations Patriot, Dec 8, 2001

Deer / car collisions, Lyme disease  from Fund for Animals Dec 3, 2001

Info on deer ticks from Fund for Animals  Sept 2001

Deer contraception works in limited areas AP article August 2, 2000

Aggressive campaign to restore elk in New York   Aug 2001

Plea for non-lethal "Outdoor" columns Norm Phelps Jul 2001

Articles on Wildlife Populations in relation to hunting  Jan - Feb 2001

New York State Deer Management initiative  Jan 2001

Why it is not safe to eat deer flesh from Robert Cohen Dec 2000

Population control in Arctic ground squirrels Nov 2000

How resident Canada geese came to be Oct 2000

Monroe County (NY) Alliance for Wildlife submission on geese Oct 2000

Contraception for deer   Aug 2000

The effect of deer management on Lyme disease Mar 2000

Coping kindly with Canada geese  Mar 2000

More opinions on deer populations and Lyme disease Mar 2000

Penna. bobcat hunt plus child and female hunting  Mar 2000

Oweekeno Tribe's relationship with grizzly bears  Jan 2000

Civitas submission hunting in National Wildlife Refuges  Aug 31 1999

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