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The Coalition to Protect Animals in Parks & Refuges was formed in 1983 to call public attention to the fact that hunting and trapping take place in over half of our National Wildlife "Refuges" (NWRs), where 96% of visitors come to observe rather than to kill, and to resist pressure to expand these violent and cruel pursuits in NWRs as well as in county, state, and even our national parks.

Managing these special areas, which belong to us all, for the benefit of the less than 5% minority of citizens who enjoy stalking and killing wild animals, prevents the vast majority of citizens from enjoying, or in some cases even visiting, these areas during hunting periods.

Killing the wild inhabitants interferes with natural population determinants and ecological balance. In the case of trophy hunting, it reverses nature's rule that the fittest survive to propagate their species.

The coalition can supply information disproving hunters' and trappers' claims that their activities are beneficial.  Far from saving deer from starvation by killing them, game management skews the sex ratio to result in more females bearing young thus increasing the population so that there will be more of animals around to starve in a severe winter. Far from preventing rabies, trapping results in a higher proportion of young, more susceptible animals to promote its spread.

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Over and above this, the coalition promotes the preservation of remaining habitat, the elimination of environmental pollutants, zero, preferably negative, human population growth, and a vegan (vegetarian) diet that is healthier for both humans and the environment.

You can help by picking up your pen or telephone and expressing your opinion to your legislators, government officials, and newspaper editors. Even just talking to friends and relatives helps to make more people aware that the purpose of many parks and NWRs is being subverted to favor the people who consider killing wild animals a wholesome family sport.

The coalition also takes on a diversity of other wildlife issues as well and publishes a quarterly news sheet which is included with copies of
The Civil Abolitionist when it doesn't add to the postage.  This means that US members receive it and members in other countries do not.

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