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Jun 16 2003  IWC takes stand against commercial whaling

Feb      2003 Judge grants restraining order for LFSonar tests

Jan       2003 Group seeks temporary restraining order for sonar tests

Jan  2  2003 US Commerce Dept declares Mexican tuna "dolphin safe"

Dec 20 2002 Decision against Makah whaling

Nov  7 2002 Japan to kill 400 whales in Antarctica

Oct 15 2002  US supports Japanese whaling to get Eskimo quota (scroll)

Sep 20 2002 Northern right whale calf sighted (scroll down)

Jul 20, 2002 Two articles on the effect of LFAS noise on whales

Mar  3, 2002 Japan defends plan to kill endangered whales

Jan 23, 2002 Hawaian resolution against USNavy LF sonar  (scroll down)

Jan 10, 2002 Fund and HSUS sue gov't to stop Makah whaling

Dec 22, 2001 US Navy admits harm from sonar tests likely

Dec 17, 2001 Puget Sound pollution threatens orcas et al.

Dec 13, 2001  Norway whale plant destroyed.  Whaler sunk at dock.
                        Norwegian whalers decimating minke population?

                        Effects of low frequency sonar on cetaceans (scroll down)

May  22, 2001 Update from Sea Shepherd

May  16, 2001 Japan hits back at worldwide criticism

May  12, 2001 Toxins in Norwegian whale blubber

May   7,.2001 Japanese dolphin slaughter linked to swim with dolphins   
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Apr  28, 2001 Civitas submission on navy's request to kill whales
                          incidental to future low frequency sonar testing

Apr  26, 2001  Senator Barbara  Boxer's statement on navy sonar Please
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April      2001  Review of effects of LFSonar on cetaceans  (scroll down)

Mar  20, 2001  US Navy plans more lethal sonar tests

Mar  12, 2001  Norway demands commercial moratorium be rescinded

Mar  10, 2001  Gray whale count way down, 
                        Canadian tribe may have accepted land in lieu of whales
                        Right whale count up

Mar  5, 2001  Norway fishers apply to kill dolphins Please scroll down for it

Jan 16, 2001  Norway resumes international trade in whale flesh

Jan   7, 2001  Norway breaks ban on whale trade

Jan   3, 2001  Pres. Clinton fails to sanction Japan Please scroll down for it

Jan   2, 2001  Oil exploration threatens blue whales off Australia

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Jan  2, 2001  Military tests could harm / kill whales  Please scroll down

Jan  3, 2001  Australian laws protect whales /dolphins  Please scroll down

Dec 27 2000  Fishermen blame ships for right whale deaths Please scroll

Dec 29 2000 Text of Clinton's letter to Congress 

Dec 14 2001 Canadian tribe applies to kill 1000 whales Please scroll down

Sept 25- Aug 28  2000              Brazil creates southern whale sanctuary
                                           Statement from Pres. Clinton
                                                   Dolphin  saves boy from drowning

                                                   Whales may live 200 years

Sept 2000                         Bermuda waters declared whale sanctuary
                                          US and Japan clash (Sec. Albright)
                                          Conservation groups oppose Faroe slaughter

Sept 5-Aug 17 2000          Faroes whale slaughter heats up
                                          Japan admits killing Brydes & sperm whales
                                          Japanese vote buying at IWC confirmed
                                           Earth Is. Inst. challenges Minnesota zoo

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Nov 1999  USNavy's big mistake: LFS sonar by Larry Simkin

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