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The Civil Abolitionist Spring/Summer 2004
                     The Low-carb Craze 
plus link to Atkins/Greger lawsuit
Purdue IU cooperate on nerver regeneration study
Robert Cohen: Milk and colon cancer
Public Citizen sues FDA & other drug news
                     Review: Jean & Ray Greek's
What will we do of we don't
                                                                              experiment on animals?
The Civil Abolitionist Winter 2003-2004
                    Activists block primate lab
                    BSE update (pigs too) and review by Michael Greger, MD
                    Europeans unite for responsible toxicity testing
                    Veterinarian challenges AVMA by Peggy Larson, DVM

The Civil Abolitionist Autumn 2003
                  BSE   (Mad Cow disease) in U.S. uncertain
                  Published letters re vivisection Dr. Claude Reiss et al
                  Meddling with viruses in Australia by Marguerite Wegner
                  Response to smoking law criticism from Rosemary Ellis

The Civil Abolitionist Spring 2003
                SARS: Another deadly virus from the meat industry
                                        by Michael Greger, MD

                       Water pills outshine new prescription drug
                                         by Irwin D Bross, PhD   

The New Math: Environmentalist = Terrorists
by  Karen Charman               

                       Book Reviews
Ideas that Changed Our World by Dr Stuart and Terry
reviewed by Deirdre Balaam
Vivisection Unveiled an Expose of the Medical Futility of
                                Animal Experimentation
by Dr Tony Page

The Civil Abolitionist Winter 2002-03
              An extended tragedy by Alan Yurko - a tale of vaccine damage
              and medical errors and a father sentenced to life in prison
              Book Review:
Specious Science by Ray Greek, MD and
                                  Jean  Swingle Greek, DVM
              Smallpox vaccine guidelines       
              The problem with  vaccines  (for animals)
              Water pills outshine new prescription drug by Irwin Bross, PhD

The Civil Abolitionist Summer 2002
            Drug Industry Secrets Becoming Public
            Smallpox Advisory
            CWD Threatens Deer and Humans
The Civil Abolitionist Spring 2002
             Drug company gifts/ medical journals
             European toxicity tests
             Xenotransplantation in Cook Islands
             Cow milk as a cause of AIDS

The Civil Abolitionist Spring 2001 index of articles
           Why it's a real revolution in biology and genetics I.D. Bross, PhD
           Recap on "mad" cows and the world at large Bina Robinson
           JR Hyland:
God's Covenant with Animals review by R. Zaid, PhD

The Civil Abolitionist Winter 2000-2001 index of articles
           Imutran moves xeno research to Boston
           Mad Cow" disease escalating
           Rabbit hemorrhagic disease pops up in Iowa

The Civil Abolitionist Autumn 2000
                        Autism linked to MMR vaccine
                        Diabetes inreases with obesity and fat consumption
                        USDA meat inspection problems
                        Three Book Reviews
                              JS and CR Greek:
Sacred Cows and Golden Geese
Robert Cohen: MILK the Deadly Poison
JB Suconik: Animals: Why they must not be brutalized

Summer 2000 issue
                      Biotech industry in trouble
                      Fluoride 50 years on
Book Reviews Dr Michael W. Fox: Beyond Evolution: the Genetically                                                                   
                         Altered Future of Plants, Animals the Earth and Humans
Neil Z. Miller: IMMUNIZATION Theory vs. Reality 

Spring 2000 issue
                     More lowdown on BGH
175 by Robert Cohen, author of

              MILK the  Deadly Poison     

                     Pig cloning offers PR bonanza but no medical miracles176
                                 Coalition for Responsible Transplantation 
                    DLRM seeks inquiry into validity of animal experiments
                    Healthy volunteers and informed consent by Andre Menache         

Winter 1999-2000 issue
                  Imutran predicts pig transplants within the year
Who's in control here?148
More bio-tech information150
Drawbacks to GE/GM foods150

Autumn 1999 issue
                 CEPE response to UCDavis primate center claims
                 Dr Andre Menache xenotransplants article in WHO Bulletin 126
                 Poliomyelitis a case study invivisection by Steve Bedard 119
                 Pig hearts wrong shape for humans by Dan Lyons 116
                 SV40 virus in polio vaccines Scroll down 119                   

Summer 1999 issue98
                  FDA has not banned pig-to-human transplants100
                  Vaccine assault on infants worsens with hep B requirement
                  Letters needed to defeat VP Gore's HPV retesting program
                  Canada retains ban on use of bovine hormone
                  Canada and EU continue to ban American beef
                  The Hormone debate
                  GM Bt Corn poisons larvae of monarch butterflies
Spring 1999 issue

Rats and Mice Manipulated to Produce Human Sperm
National Cancer Institute admits clinical trials are best
Xenotransplants No Solution to Organ Shortage, claims CRT
Alexion threatens pig to human transplants by end of 1999
DLRM holds 5th International Scientific Conference in London
Tempest in the Bean Pot 93
Fruits and Vegetables to become entrees?
Canada discredits Monsanto milk hormone study
New meat inspection "a dismal failure"
Public Citizen exposes drug company math
NARAL seeks equity in drug insurance
Second thoughts on HRT

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