The Civil Abolitionist
          Spring 2002  v.13 no.1

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Drug company gifts undermine confidence in FDA and medical journals                    including BMJ, JAMA, NEJM and The Lancet        text

Toxicity re-testing madness erupts in Europe                              }
                                                                                                             } text
Scientific A-V groups oppose EU  proposed toxicity testing         }

Xenotransplantation experiments in Mexico and Cook Islands    }
                                                                                                             }    text
Progress in organ procurement                                                        }

Cholesterol-lowering statin drugs may be overused

Cow milk as a cause of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome                     text

Proctor & Gamble's Iams promotes vivisection

Unvaccinated French troops free of Gulf War Syndrome
US Defense Department acknowledges Gulf War illness

GM corn invades Mexico

Green pigs and ham courtesy Japanese scientists

Bushmeat trade potential for another AIDS-like disease

Amalgam filling fight in New Hampshire

No more chimpanzee experiments in Europe

Europe to stop testing cosmetics on animals

UK and NZ grant chimpanzees human rights

Viagra good for seals

Curing disease in mice and rats

      Super aspirin kills as well as cures
      Ghost-writing doctors help promote drug sales
      Drug enforcement agency urges control of OxyContin
      Supreme Court denies nausea relief of marijuana
      More aggressive us of cholesterol-lowering drugs
      15 states sue Aventis for high drug prices

      Ear tubes fail to improve child development
      Butter vs. margarine
      Chelation fails to reduce high lead levels
      No lead rather than low led --childhood study
      Brits achieve breakthrough in pain research
      World Trade Center dogs to be monitored

       The Homeopathic Treatment of Influenza by J. Perko
               reviewed by Dorothy Kendall
A Scientific Mystery, A Massive Cover-up,
               and the Dark Legacy of Robert Gallo
by John Crewdson
               excerpt from review by Helen Epstein in
Los Angeles Times

     Dr Stuart and Terry Hirschberg, Short Hills NJ
     David Brainerd, Surprise AZ
     Gill Williamson, Scotland
     email from student
     Lura B. Irish, Home WA
     Connie Matthews, Pittsfield MA     

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